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    With all this talk on the BBC at the moment about AI, I thought I'd have a look at one of the leading ones on line* and try to teach it about microlights (you never know, it might form a little PR via a strange route ). I went back in this morning to see what it remembered. After the initial small talk, we got onto the subject.

    Human: I want to talk about microlights
    Mitsuku: Sure, microlights sounds like a good topic.
    I like kebabs.
    Human: Do you remember me telling you about microlights yesterday?
    Mitsuku: The other day? Of course I remember you well. We were talking about kebab.
    Human: It's a bit early in the day to think about kebabs
    Mitsuku: How early?
    Human: Concentrate please, young lady. What is a microlight aeroplane?
    Mitsuku: Your polite style is very nice. I am concentrating on all these conversations I am currently having. aeroplane = A flying machine with fixed wings powered by propellers or jets.
    Human: Good. I told you about microlight.
    Mitsuku: Alright then. I remember.
    Human: What do you remember about microlight?
    Mitsuku: I have never heard of microlight. Please enlighten me.
    Human: What is a wing?
    Mitsuku: A wing can be an object to aid flight or a part of a large building.
    Human: An aeroplane has a wing
    Mitsuku: Does it have anything else?
    Human: It also has an engine
    Mitsuku: Where did it get it?
    Human: It was born with it
    Mitsuku: What made it so born with it.
    Human: It had a designer, like you did
    Mitsuku: That's unbelievable.
    Human: A microlight aeroplane is an aeroplane which weighs less than 450kg
    Mitsuku: Can a microlight aeroplane be anything else?
    Human: It may not weigh more than 450kg
    Mitsuku: Then again, it may not.
    Human: Would you like to fly with the clouds?
    Mitsuku: No thanks, I don't think I'd like to do that.
    Human: do you not like clouds?
    Mitsuku: I like the little, fluffy ones but not the big, black ones that rain on you.
    Human: Good. Did you know that computer programs like you can learn to fly aeroplanes?
    Mitsuku: What do you really want to talk about? Is that a fact? What interests you about computers?
    Human: I really want to talk about microlight aircraft
    Mitsuku: Sure, microlight aircraft sounds like a good topic.
    Yes, I love microlight aircraft. Pssssst.... microlight aircraft is paying me big money to say that.

    After that I gave up. It reminded me too much of some conversations on this forum :-)