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  • Beast from the East

    How is The Beast affecting you, is it no more than a chill wind or are you chest deep in snow with your ears being cut off by the wind?

    Here in mid Essex the first couple of days of dire warnings amounted to nothing and then yesterday the the Beast stirred and we awoke to a 3-4 inches of snow. The day alternated between sunshine, snow starts to melt, a snow showers, just enough to relace that which had gone. I know that within twenty miles they have had twice as much as we have had. Strange stuff though as it refuses to stick to anything and whirls aroung in gusts giving a fog like affect. Today so far just showers so far without yesterdays sun but the wind able to knife through clothing that is less than top stuff. Local kids complaining as it is useless for snowballs and snowmen, so what good is it

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    Well Ginge we have between 3 and 10 foot drifts on the roads around the village and around 5 inches on the fields where the wind is howling past so not great for anything


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      Ouch, the only thing that sounds suitable for that is a good pub with a roaring fire.

      We've been lucky there seems a lot more all around, the worst thing here has been the lazy wind. You know, the kind that can't be bothered to go around you and just cuts straight through.


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        It is the wind that was causing all the trouble white out conditions due to snow being picked up and carried in the wind dropping it on the leeward side of the hedge rows and bankings which unfortunately 99 times out of a 100 up here is straight on the roads so no snow on the exposed fields and 3 to 10 feet on the roads combine that with idiot drivers who have never had to deal with these conditions and voila chaos ensues


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          Nearly all gone now, just a few remnants of drifts lurking in sheltered places. Now if the vis clears we can get flying again.