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  • Ignoring other users

    Ignoring other users

    Despite the camaraderie of microlighting and the general inclusive nature of the sport, it is inevitable that not everyone will get on with everyone else.

    We need to accept that sometimes there are clashes of personality that simply cannot be resolved by mediation and that in some cases it would be best for users with irreconcilable differences to simply ignor each other, and blank each other’s posts.

    The current forum software allows this. You will see a “thumbs down” icon in the top right hand corner of a post from any user, you then need to click this in the post of a user you wish to ignore. The icon looks like this:

    Should you change your mind, you can remove those users from your ignore list in your control panel:

    You may find that you enjoy the forum more if you ignore those one or two people who get under your skin. Should the list of ignored users get beyond one or two, then a quick look in the mirror might reveal the real source of the problem.

    Once you have done this you will no longer see posts from the person you are ignoring, but you will see anything they write which gets quoted by another user not on your ignore list.