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Using the “Report” feature

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  • Using the “Report” feature

    Using the “Report” feature to notify unsuitable or problematic content to moderators

    With the moderation team strengthened it is hoped that it will be easier to keep an eye on the forum, but the moderation team would ask all users to support us by flagging up anything that they may feel is unsuitable or problematic. It may be better to bring something to the attention of the moderators for positive action rather than get into a long argument which takes the thread off topic.

    To use the “Report” function, look in the top right hand corner of the post that needs to be reported, where you will see this icon -

    Click on that icon.

    You should find that a dialogue box opens up like this one:

    Please complete the box with any additional remarks you may have and then press the submit button.

    The post will be brought to the attention of the moderation team.

    Your help in keeping the quality of content in the forum high will be much appreciated.

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    Using the “Report” feature

    We have a problem with the "Report" feature that has been flagged up by a user. Until it is fixed, please can you flag up problem posts by PM to a moderator. The issue will then be dealt with.

    Forum moderators are Kirk Sutton, John Moore, Paul Dewhurst, Bob Perrin, Steve Uzochukwu & Dominic Connolly.