Forum rules as at 16 October 2017

BMAA Forum Rules

If you use this forum in any way, you are deemed to have accepted these rules. Be nice and you won’t need to read them more than once.

Using this forum is a privilege and not a right. This means that anyone who breaks these rules faces being moderated and/or banned.

One account per person.

Real names (or very close derivates) as user names. Any accounts without real names as user names will be deleted and the user will be blocked. Contact an admin member with the message "Existing username = xxx, new username = xxx" via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Search first for answers, don’t start replica threads. Use relevant titles for new threads so that others can find your wise words.

Support your BMAA. If (when) you want to criticise, put it in the members’ section and don’t air your dirty linen in public. It doesn’t do microlighting any favours.

Try to keep petty arguments, throwing of toys and other pathetic squabbles to yourself. Use private messaging if you have to, otherwise this non-positive dross will be deleted and you may have your collar felt.

No vulgar, sexually orientated, pornographic, unlawful, racist, xenophobic, anti-religious, sexist or extreme political content.

Respect others’ privacy. Don’t give away personal details without their express permission.

Personal messages should remain private unless there is express permission to publish.

Advertising in the classified sections, please. Light advertising for information purposes is fine; just don’t cross the line!

Spam and irrelevant material will be deleted and the users risk being banned.

Please quote sources; don’t take credit for someone else’s widsom.

Mods will act to maintain a happy and friendly atmosphere. Insults, however slight, personal attacks, harassment, flaming, trolling or generally any non-positive posts bring the risk of deletion and/or bans.

The mods’ decision is final and there is no appeal. If you are unhappy with a mod’s decision, you can contact a member of BMAA Council but they do not have the power to overturn a mod’s decision. They do have the right to replace rotten mods, though!

Mods can decide on lengths of bans as there are no hard and fast rules. A ban may be 24 hours, 24 days or 240 years.

“Permanent (pɜːʳmənənt): adjective: Something that is permanent lasts for ever.”

BMAA accepts no responsibility for content. If you have a problem, contact a mod or admin.

Don’t forget; if you want a guaranteed and quick answer to a specific BMAA issue, call our wonderful staff members on 01869 338888 or email us (via

These rules may be updated at any time. Any issue not covered in these rules may be decided upon by the mods or admin team. If you have a problem, don't panic but instead get in touch with a mod or admin team member.

Have fun. Be nice. Join in and do your bit for the sport we love.

Admin team