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    I have looked at the website with the Infringement statistics for Jan - Sept 2006 and was astounded by the figures shown.

    I am sure the majority of Aviators are aware that Heathrow is the UK's Busiest International Airport with also possibly the busiest airspace in the London CTR, Heathrow only has 50 low risk & 9 high risk infringements reported compared to the Stansted 131 reports. I am sure that Heathrow has had more than 59 infringements in that Timespan, but the ATC Controllers at Heathrow assess each Infringement and take the best course of action and if they can vector the Infringing aircraft out of the zone they promptly do so and ask the Pilot to call them on a landline when they land. I guess if you become a Statistic in the Heathrow infringement listing you were probably close enough to collect a 'boarding pass'

    over the phone than getting the CAA paperwork to fill in.

    I actually infringed the London CTR on my way down to Spamfield 2006, I took off out of Denham and climbed to 1500ft on the Denham QFE which put me into the base of the CTR at 1750ft ( Denham Traffic are only allowed 750ft agl before getting cleared by London Info ) On talking to London Info I was told I had infringed the CTR by 1000ft and could I steer 275 towards Wycombe to clear the zone and remain level at 1750ft on the regional QNH.

    I now fly from the Central Belt of Scotland so I will be paying particular attention to the Glasgow & Edinburgh Infringement statistics, I notice that Glasgow had 45 low risk & 0 high risk infringements and Edinburgh had 9 low risk & 0 high risk infringements, these again I believe are statistics that reflect the professionalism of ATC Controllers to be able to assess and take the best course of action and not always want to throw the book at the infringing pilot. The Statistics could actually read a totally different set of figures if every ATC unit chose to file MOR or Infringement reports on every incident, even so the figures should really read 0 low risk & 0 high risk infringements at every NATS unit listed.

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    The Infringement Saga's

    I have now posted it on there.