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    Hi all

    I currnetly have appox 15hrs 3-axis tuition under my belt and i am beginning to contemplate my options for when I eventually gain my license.

    I would like to own my own aircraft and i have a prefernce for 4 strokes.

    there a number of aircraft which fir the bill, but does anybody have any recommendations?

    i have been looking at:- Skyrangers(912), X-Air (Jabiru), X-Air Hawk (Jabiru), Zenair 601 Ul(912).

    budget will be around the 20k mark. Any comments gratefully received.

    P.S. I am learning on a AX2000.

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    Well I'd suggest you took a look at the Thruster Jabiru Sprint as well. Good second-hand versions will come close to your budget, and you're getting a factory-built aircraft.



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      WHICH ONE?

      How is the Verner getting on these days? I hope that they are getting it sorted, it always looked and sounded good but it's dodgy crank dumped too many people in fields. A second hand 912 would need checking against all the SBs that have been issued, some of their products have left much to be desired. On the other hand the backup from Skydrive is outstanding. The Jab is basicly a good little unit but I wish that their test department was not on other peoples machines. Anyway, all microlight engines are uncertificated and as I understand it that is why we can maintain them ourselves thus keeping our wallets satisfied and the scowl from our bank managers face. So you pays your money, does your maintenance and takes your choice.
      By the way, at the risk of being deeply unfashionable it's not always wise to disregard the 2 stroke units. They take more maintenace and they are thirstier but they are cheap, relieable and very light for the the power. They are also backed by the same excellant service from Skydrive. You need to fly a lot of hours for a 4 stroke to really pay for itself. So it depends on the type of flying that you intend and if you are willing to buck the trend


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        WHICH ONE?

        I will give my opinion and hopefully others will do the same and then you will get a better picture on these microlights

        The Skyranger with a Rotax 912 is a very nice 3 axis machine and has proven to be an incredible aeroplane at Competition level in the hands of Paul Dewhurst, the Skyranger in any guise with the choice of a 582 up to the 912s would be my choice as a new pilot on 3 axis.Now onto the X-Air I know that there are some people who swear by the X-Air and will not agree with the thoughts I have, but it is only an opinion.Now comes the Zenair 601UL with a 912 [/b] 20,000 the performance of the 601UL is up in the 120kt speed band as opposed to the 80kt speed band of the Skyranger, so if speed is what you desire then get a 601UL but if you require a good versatile machine that is relatively easy to progress with then get a for me I think I would have to go for that and as it is only six numbers away I might just have it soon!



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          WHICH ONE?

          I know that the Kitfox wasn't in your list, but this one is advertised on ebay and is looking like a very cheap aircraft for someone looking for a good priced aircraft

          Two seater Kitfox MK11 Side By Side High Wing Aircraft
          Kitfox MK11 Item number: 180043336369

          Starting bid 5,500.00
          Reserve not met


          End time: 05-Nov-06 00:00:00 GMT (2 days)
          Item location: Isle of Arran, North Ayrshire, United Kingdom
          History: 0 bids

          Starting time: 26-Oct-06 01:00:00 BST
          Starting bid: 5,500.00
          Duration: 10-day listing
          Item Specifics

          Condition: Used

          Kitfox MK11 Two seat side by side tail dragger.This aircraft is in good condition and needs small amount of work for new permit.

          REG. G-BTIF

          Airframe 58hrs , Engine 59hrs .

          Two 13 gallon fuel tanks ,

          3 Blade ground adj prop ,

          1992 Kit ,

          Rotax 582 Twin carb / Twin ignition ,

          C-Type gearbox ,

          2 Headsets ,

          Comes with 2 new tyres ,

          Nav / Strobes ,

          Carb heat ,

          Terra Nav / comm tower radio system ,

          Instruments inc . Alt , Asi , Vsi , Comp, Slip/sKID , Engine instruments , Press to talk sticks ,

          Max all up weight is 950Ibs

          Wings have been stripped down and re-built + new fuel tanks , covering and paint ,

          Engine needs a service ,

          New wind screen to be fitted which comes with it and also the new tyres ,

          Always stored inside ,

          Engine / Airframe Log Books and Construction Manual ,

          Toe Bar included but this is not a trailer ,

          Selling this nice little aircraft due to other project,because it needs small amount work for permit , it is going for a cheaper price but will be sorry to see it go . PLEASE NOTE THIS IS UP-LIFT ONLY.


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            WHICH ONE?

            I'm glad that they reckon to have sorted the Verner it always was an engine with great potential. While I've never flown a Falcon or a Hawk but I flew an X Air with Simmonini and it wasn't short of grunt, also the most stable and easy to fly aircraft I ever tried this side of a Cessna. Iv'e never had much time for those that talk them down. They are terrific value for money


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              WHICH ONE?

              If truth was known I don't really think that the Skyranger can be deemed a Contender for the Zenair, but if you take that 147 Skyrangers are currently registered as opposed to 74 Zenair 601's and that there are 138 X'airs currently registered, there is obviously more parity in the X'Air with the Skyranger than would be 1st believed.

              X'Airs and spares being so cheap that you could do away with Full Hull Insurance on one, I guess that a little accident could be sustainable cost-wise though I think I would still want the full hull insurance in case of the major accident happens[/b]


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                WHICH ONE?

                I had always hankered for a Renegade, but did think about the Kitfox after looking at one in a very dilapidated condition parked next to my aircraft and thinking it would make for a cheap project.

                So do you think that G-BTIF is worth 5,500 in it's current status with a permit that expired 10/08/01 ?


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                  WHICH ONE?

                  I know of one Renagade with a Jabiru engine that meets microlight requirements though I think you would have to kill the present owner before it came on the market.
                  My own personal preferance given the time to build it and the cash to buy it is the Jab engined Sherwood Ranger. No aeroplane has a right to look so good, also according to the people that I've spoken to with 582 and 532 powered versions the handling matches the looks.


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                    WHICH ONE?

                    Both G-BTIF & the other Kitfox I was considering are both MK3 VARIANTS, whilst G-BTIF has the 582 engine the other one has the 618 engine. Both are non flyers and taking your advice on the cockpit space I think I will give them both a miss. I also don't like the fact that they seem to groundloop at the least error. That is probably why it needed the wing repair



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                      WHICH ONE?

                      Nope, it's GMYUF and flys around Essex.
                      With Kitfoxs I belive it is some of the Mk 2 Kitfoxs that can come under the microlight specification depending on the lightness of build and the number of toys in the cockpit. I belive that there is a 912 powered Renagade around that flys as a single seater, I think that they managed to sneak that one as a microlight as well. He can't take his mates but he's got a hell a baggage compartment under the fairing


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                        WHICH ONE?


                        RARELY would I lay claim to being the 1st in anything in Aviation, but I was technically the 1st person to import a Eurofox into the UK and was also the 1st to export a Eurofox from the UK (ALL IN 3 DAYS)

                        :nono: This made the whole thing just a paperwork exercise for me and I never got to even fly the machine.

                        [b][color=blue> :idea: :yeah: [/color]


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                          WHICH ONE?




                 for the link to pics doesn't work, but if you click this link you get the directory of pics:


                          I did once fly a Chevvron and survived, so they must be good !! :blush:

                          pop pop


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                            WHICH ONE?



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                              WHICH ONE?

                              Ello Russ, you into raising the dead then?