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Flexwing Prop Guard - Why isn't one Fitted?

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  • Flexwing Prop Guard - Why isn't one Fitted?

    Does anyone know why a Prop Guard (similar to the one on Paramotors) isn't fitted to all flexwings? Even a half shell would be better than nothing. Also does anyone know who manufactures the Paramotor Prop Guards?


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    Flexwing Prop Guard - Why isn't one Fitted?

    Welcome Bald Eagle,

    I don't know who makes Prop Guards, but I possibly know why they are not fitted to Flexwings.
    Firstly have you seen the vibration/flexing in a flexwing prop on start up? (could strike a cage if built around prop arc) Secondly it could also be a weight issue?

    Another point is that most keels of a flexwing are quite close to the Prop arc and placing a cage around the arc could come into contact with the keel.

    I am only giving an opinion and my opinion is exactly that and I am sure that there are others with far better knowledge than I that will have a more constructive answer.