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Strip and temporary hangarage near Nottingham

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  • Strip and temporary hangarage near Nottingham

    I met a Polish microlighter over the weekend. He's flown in the UK before, including at the world championships in 2016 at Popham. He also happens to be the Polish equivalent of BMAA chairman!

    He's planning to spend a couple of weeks in England over the summer, bringing his single seat flexwing with him. He's looking for a strip plus temporary hangarage near Nottingham. Happy to pay etc.

    Any ideas?

    Rob H
    Rob Hughes
    BMAA Member

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    Watnall ( Brian Palfreyman ) to the NW of Nottingham.
    Foston ( Mark Sears ) to the E of Nottingham.

    Both are good no frills, no fuss airstrips.

    Foston is run by two very enthusiastic microlighters who encourage visits and would be great hosts to your visitor from Poland.
    Barry C.


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      I'm on a private strip (190m) about 30m west of Nottingham. Direct train back to Nottingham if that is any use.

      Edited to say flex would probably need to de-rig to get in a building. I have 3 axis wing fold
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      Sean McDonald


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        Hi Rob if he wants somewhere to go he can fly into the farm strip I use and I would make him welcome (Towcester)
        Mick Broom
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