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    Sorry guys, the good flying weather is due to end and it's all my fault. The TST is now fully rigged in its nice new skins and with a few other bits tidied, inspector signed off and is now just awaiting the paperwork's return from the BMAA. Pic. attached as promised
    G-MVDF new skins 2019 - Copy.jpg


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      She's looking great, Ginge!
      Martin Watson
      Microlights in Norfolk
      Fixed Wing Instruction - Exams and GSTs - Revalidations
      07805 716407


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        Very nice, thatís what I call a proper microlight !
        Just by coincidence Iíve been doing some refurbishment work on my TST also. Just need to get the wings back on now and Iím back in business, but not with new skins unfortunately, still a bit of life left in the old ones yet.B56A3D9A-B4E9-457B-BCB2-2F1E3057EC7A.jpg


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          I must admit that I'm pleased with the result. I was pleasently suprised just how good the overall condition was when we took her apart and can barely wait to get her back in the air again.

          I didn't replace my skins until I was told the was a good chance they'd not pass next year. Still it's great to know that Nigel at Top Flight can sort us out when needed, nice job, resonable price and really helpful as well.

          Martin A, she's looking good do we get a picture when she is done?


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            You certainly will Ginge, I’ll try and get a better photo next time.


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              Great job Ginge,

              Your Airplane looks fantastic. And I am looking forward to seeing a Pic of Martins. I love the TST.


              PILOTS are just PLANE people with a special AIR about them


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                Thanks Damien, we're pleased with her, well we always have been, but even more so now. Also looking forward to Martin's picture.