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  • Popham

    I visited the Popham trade fair/BMAA AGM yesterday with Joan, unsurprisingly there were not many that flew in although some gallant souls made it, despite the blustery winds. They were demonstrated by a hardy fellow in a Shadow climbing out at an angle almost that nomally associated with Cape Canaveral.

    What was it like for me? Pretty good although saddened by the news about P&M the TLAC stands was an oasis of good cheer and David Broom's sellection of SSDRs was brilliant, simple flying at its best. Other good bits, well for me anyway, were that Fly Light have taken over Skydrive's oils as a user of their 2 stroke oil that was a relief and the talk about conspicuity by the Pilot Aware folk.

    The AGM was interesting with the news about permits and licensing being filled out. Penetrating questions from the floor made sure that no dark corners were unexplored. The new ideas for expanding interest in microlight flying were a encouraging and positive way forward, and as always the awards spotlighted some great achievments. Less good, but seeming necessary was the increase in membership fees, this was well explained and then ruthlessly questioned by Terry Viner.

    As always though, the great thing was meeting others including that great man of microlighting, Gerry Breen, what a guy. Then hearing of real determination from one chap who has been trying, when life allowed, to get his license since the eighties, back again and still fighting, great bloke.

    Well that was my Popham, how was yours?