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  • Here I go again...

    Sometime soon, I may have a new place to fly from. It all takes time, of course. Somewhere in the Fens is an aeroplane I haven't seen yet that needs recommissioning, having not flown for three years. A permit microlight with a 503 that needs a strip and service and the recreation of enough paperwork to satisfy an LAA inspector (but it has been sold by another one who has told me he will give me what will be needed.) Wheel at the wrong end, but two seats and potential for more than a quick bimble around the local area.
    Needless to say, I got rid of all my gear so I had to re equip. I need proper stuff but time was on my side so I could bargain hunt, starting with a pair of jerrycans for a fiver and the chap threw in a decent spout and a jiggle pump.
    Towbar has had to be fitted to venerable vehicle which is canbus equipped. The quote from the manufacturer including programming the trailer recognition module was for more than the cost of the aircraft and four times what I paid for the car so I bought a complete kit and a bypass relay for a modest 120 and spent three evenings fitting it on. No Vorsprung Durch Chequebook for this lad.
    Then I was going to need a radio. New Yaesu fta-250L on Ebay for 150. Done. Headsets. Here I was extravagant. David Clarkes, no less. Noise cancelling ones. I hadn't ever tried them but now I have I'm sold on them. Used, bidding was keen but I got them. 292 for two pairs A couple of hours cleaning them up and one needed a drop of switch cleaner. I bought a bag of pop shields that I had resolved to pass on to a mate but found a need for them,
    Thought I was doing quite well for bargains but while looking out for a mode C transponder on the basis that any transponder is better than none if you want a clearance, I came across a KT70. Now our friends over in Trumpton have all got to have ADS-B for Christmas in order to make America grate again. Some of their mode S stuff won't do it. The KT70 is just such a beast.
    Once it is here and the taxes paid, It will stand me in 131. The Altitude encoder, antenna and cable came to 75 so I shall be going mode S for a shade over 200.
    The gasket set came from a hovercraft shop in the best traditions and I have a load of new fuel pipe in the garage.
    I am pretty happy with it so far but have resolved to lose the weight of the transponder so sell your Cadbury's and McVities shares.
    The battery is six and a half Kilos. Darn near a stone. The regulator from a Honda 600 is a better bet than the Rotax if you are considering Lithium and at 1600 grammes, I am begause for a difference of 140 I can save nearly 5 Kilogrammes.

    I've found an inspector and a trailer to hire so all I need is the go ahead on the Hangar and I can collect the next source of heartache and hair tearing.
    Makes me wonder why I do it. Google MZDG and you will, too.

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    Good to hear you sounding positive, well almost, again Tom!

    Good luck with getting it all together, pity about the training wheel, extra drag, extra weight, but you can't have everything. That battery must have been a super colossus, I thought we'd done well when we changed a battery on an AX3 from lead acid we saved 2kg and we were pleased with that. You're right though extra weight is the worst enemy of one of the older (proper) microlights.

    Have fun


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      Thanks Ginge. Went to see the airfield today. Four aircraft including mine and the sort of folk who fire up the Barbie after an afternoon scaring angels. Waiting for the farm tenancy review to be completed then it should go ahead. Five hundred metres, few gotchas and a lovely setting.


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        Sounds good, a good base makes all the difference. We've been lucky with ours, nipped up yesterday, we just went to tighten our recent elevator skins and spent the entire afternoon there mostly chatting to some of the others. It wasn't even a decent flying day with an exciting crosswind and some 'orrid gusts, but it was still a nice afternoon.