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Chevvron 2-32

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  • Chevvron 2-32

    Anybody admit to owning or flying one of thee apart from me

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    Oh yes, a great little aircraft, not without fault but a delight to fly.

    It is the aircraft that got me into microlighting. I was an occassional glider pilot without the money to progress in that or any other kind of flying that I knew of, then fairly close a school started flying this smart little motor glider. Problems with the undercarriage on a fairly rough field closed the school but I was hooked into a kind of flying that I could afford.

    So all that has happened since can be blamed on the Chevvron


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      Thanks Ginge. I was a glider intructor with about 700 Launches plus Group A private . Fell for G-MZMK at first sight.


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        Yes a very nice little aircraft, I also loved the engine, built like a Swiss watch. A shame that they went out of production but I understand that spares can be obtained from a company in Canada


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          Not now seems Canadians bought out by Chinese .Have been in contact with them some still available.I will keep it flying even if I have to make the parts Myself.


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            You can see an old picture of me and G-MZDP in the current edition of MF
            The pilot formerly posting as MadamBreakneck
            R examiner and TST pilot.