I posted this to the 'other place' but thought I would repost here. This is important.

WARNING - 912 coolant return pipe problem

This is a warning to all 912 engined aircraft owners. On a recent trip
to Scotland I suffered a total inflight coolant loss in my Skyranger.
I was in company with a 912 Eurostar, who accompanied me back to the
airfield we had left only for him to discover that he had a leak from
the same pipe for exactly the same reason. At the weekend at Kemble
another 912 aircaft (an RV8 ?) had ecactly the same problem, luckily
on the ground. After talking to others I know of three owners who on
inspection have found that they had potentially the same problem.

Please could all you 912 powered chaps have a good look at the return
aluminium pipe from the radiator where it curves round at the back of
the engine, very close to the exhaust. The problem can be one of two
things: either the pipe rubbing against the exhaust, or the clip on
the rubber hosr just underneath coming in contact with the pipe. I
believe this latter problem to be the most common.