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Weather analyses -- 'flyable days' at various locations around the UK.

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  • Weather analyses -- 'flyable days' at various locations around the UK.

    I have just updated my weather analyses pages, at:

    The general trend is that in recent years there are slightly more flyable days than 20 years ago :-).


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    Except this year - but it's not the weather's fault
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      Is it just my imagination, or perhaps a slower passing of time that it seems at least that this is an unusual series of consecutive flyable days at this time of year? In any case being unable to be released to the airfield until mid June due to my worn out old frame (it was fun wearing it out though) my flying bug itches and my conscience nags about the little jobs that are outstanding.

      Still when released the aircraft will still be there, I'm not sure about the weather though .


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        This is the old Sod's Law principle, this is probably the best spell of 'flyable weather' i have seen in Cumbria for many a day. I even contemplated digging out the old MS flight simulator game until I realised it would just make it worse.


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          I suppose that this is where many of our SSDR friends will have an advantage as the aircraft is often kept at home. I sure that many of them will emerge with beautifuly fettled machines while the rest of us will be scuttling round checking, cleaning and looking into hidden spaces before taking to the air. When the weather allows that is.