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  • New permit check flight


    Does anyone know what the procedure is for doing the check flight for the new permit? Would this be classed as a necessary, acceptable flight? (Like the MOT) It would be from a private airfield with no chance of anyone coming in to contact with others. As far as I am aware an outright ban has not been issued.

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    I don't think that flight is actualy banned it is flying in the face of (sorry about that ) advice from just about everybody. What is the situation? Have you a passed inspection that just awaits the check flight? If that is the case could the BMAA help? Maybe holding the passed inspection until you can complete your check flight and issuing the new permit from around that date. Whatever it should be worth discussing with them.
    See Geoff's post from 6th april, good luck
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      Thanks Ginge,
      Yes I am waiting to do the check flight but I have now found this on the CAA website.

      Apparently we can do it as long as we are obeying the rules.


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        Brilliant! Being in "shielded" position myself I am duly envious. I'm not allowed out until mid June even with a keeper, still hopefully our co- owner Brian will be able to get some air over the wings before that. I'll just stand in the garden and raise a glass as he flies over.