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  • Currency

    I'm feeling quite Rusty now.
    At the end of last year I got my first taildragger, got a handfull of flights in before the weather turned awfull for months closely followed by the Covid 19 lockdown.
    I can't be the only one feeling skills slipping away.

    Are there any plans for discussions with the CAA about the currency issue?, I feel its becoming a safety issue and sooner or later will have to be addressed

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    I think as long as you meet the licence validity rules and your aircraft's permit to fly and insurance are valid, it's up to you to make your own decisions how to work yourself back in.

    I take it you've read up (on the BMAA site) about extensions to licence validity periods etc. There's even an MF article from April last year on just the subject of returning from a layoff. And of course, some time with an instructor you trust might be worth the fee.

    Maybe someone will come along and tell us I'm wrong and what the real rules and advice will be.
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      Hello Joan
      Sorry perhaps I didn't put it too well, my query was more to do with plans to actually allow us to go flying rather the personal decision on being fit to fly.
      Though I understand there is no specific rule to not fly, I thought it came under the 'not a reasonable reason to go outside/travel thing.
      I realise also that things have changed a Bit in England, but here in Wales the stay t home thing still applies.

      It's all a bit confusing


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        It will be interesting to see what reply Geoff gets from the CAA, hopefully later today. Although your situation could be more complex in Wales as you could be OK to fly, but then restricted as to how you are to get to the airfield.
        O what a tangled web we weave!