We have recently received further COVID advice from the respective devolved Governments in Scotland and Wales. However neither government can offer specific advice on aviation, as there is no devolved administration competence over aviation matters. Current CAA advice therefore applies in Wales and Scotland, and the CAA are unlikely to make any country specific additions.

The devolved administrations do however regulate travel and public health and it is this regulation which is still restricting GA in Scotland and Wales.

The UK position on recreational General Aviation during the COVID lockdown was that General Aviation was precluded by the “Stay at Home” order, not by a restriction on flying. Those restrictions were lifted in England on 15th May. The five mile distance restriction currently in force within Scotland or Wales will still preclude many people from travelling to their local airfield or flying A to B.

If you live in Scotland or Wales, and your travel can legally take place to a flying site, provided social distancing rules are observed, there is no legal obstacle to flying solo or sharing flights with a member of your own household.

It could breach the movement legislation however, if one were to land elsewhere.

As elsewhere in the country, we recommend using one’s discretion, recognising that flying is a relatively high-profile and visible activity.

We continue to advocate that a carefully managed return to flying, using both appropriate COVID precautions and flying only if satisfied with appropriate aircraft inspection and pilot competence, makes a powerful safety case for maintaining both pilot currency and aircraft airworthiness, as recognised elsewhere in the UK.

There is advice on the LAA website and Facebook page about safely managing your return to flying after an extended interval and we also recommend that you look at the excellent pilot advice at www.gasco.org.uk.

Fly safe.
Steve Slater
4th June 2020