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GA Strategy 2018-2023 document

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  • GA Strategy 2018-2023 document

    I just received a copy of this from CAA Skywise you may find parts of it interesting reading

    Well I did, sad ole fool that I am

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    When I read through it seemed like a fair few were BMAA/LAA initiatives.

    I don't remember the CAA coming up with any proposals to allow or exempt hand radios post 8.33, for example, but maybe I have got it wrong.


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      At least with those initatives they did listen to those in a position to know, I'd say that was an improvement to the "we know best" attitude that seemed to prevail for many years.

      Maybe regarding radios they just listened to the wrong folk, like EASA. I'm not quite sure though what exemptions you are thinking could have been implimented. We just replaced our trusty A20, many years of good service and still going strong, with a new Yaseu. A better radio in many respects, and eventualy received part of the cost back, I understand, from those who started the whole idea.


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        Originally posted by Ginge Sunley View Post
        I'm not quite sure though what exemptions you are thinking could have been implimented.
        What we have now and how we use hand held radios in microlights came about because of an exemption.

        Radios in Annex I aircraft is nothing to do with EASA, as they explained to us at an Expo one year. Once Mike Cowlishaw had extracted this information from them, the CAA were then unable to pass the buck, as they were able to issue an exemption, same as the French had done previously.


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          We do, and have for a very long time used handhelds so surely there was an exemption, should that be required, for a goodly while. I couldn't quite see how this would change as long as we remain, long may it last, non EASA aircraft; they surely can't specify types of equipment for our aircraft. Changing the radio frequency was a CAA decision to comply with what will, eventually, become a Europe-wide requirement.

          Still slightly puzzled bear of small brain.


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            It used to be that you had to use an approved hand held of which there were two and both had been obsolete for years. I had an old A20 that had a naughty battery upgrade to make it work and it still does. The rules changed to allow less approved sets to be used and we got twenty year younger electronics and the wonderful Yaseu sets which as you have found out are 21st Century kit. I bought the 750 with all the bells and whistles and it works beautifully, charges quickly, runs all day on a charge and has reassuring build quality.
            We had to wait too long for it but now it is here, it has undoubtedly improved safety.