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Popham 2020 & BMAA AGM

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  • Joan Walsh
    Some people are reporting delayed/non-delivery of the Microlight Flying magazine. If your copy of the magazine doesn't turn up at all - I expect it will eventually but - it's the one containing the proposals for the Council election and AGM votes. Even if you vote online you'll need a security code as comes with the voting slip. Voting closes noon 30th April.

    Further details of proposals can be had from BMAA web site under the The BMAA tab.

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  • Frank Dimmock
    Hello Ginge,

    I used to have a facebook account but got fed-up with the whole concept of it, so closed it. I certainly don't miss it!

    Thanks for sharing the info. I did see it I think on the UKGA website, but Boris seems to be tightening the screw day-by-day because common sense has been an early victim of the virus!

    I think we could all do with an update from the BMAA as to whether they have formally advised instructors, examiners and inspectors to suspend their work, whether it's being left to individuals to asses the risk and decide, or if the BMAA is awaiting guidance from the CAA. I'm probably not alone in wanting clarification. I am however fortunate in being able to fly completely independently whilst maintaining self-isolation. Maybe I should try to get my revalidation hour with an instructor now if there are any still working before complete lock-down is announced!
    Last edited by Frank Dimmock; 21st March 2020, 21:34.

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  • Ginge Sunley
    Yes Frank you are quite right I have always avoided Facebook and will continue to do so, and I know that I'm far from the only one. If that makes a poor comunication medium, so be it.

    By the way I just received this from another source

    The latest response from the DfT, on WEDNESDAY 18th MARCH 2020

    “’There are no plans to ban VFR flights. There may be some pressures on controlled airspace further down the line (e.g. if air traffic controllers are unable to go into work), but the current message from NATS and others is that demand is reducing faster than the ability to service that demand. (Obviously this pressure would not impact on uncontrolled airspace).’

    “We believe is that there is minimal likely risk to a pilot flying solo, providing pre- and post-flight social contact is minimised. There is clearly a greater risk of virus transmission if two or more people share a cockpit, but this risk is no greater than if they were sharing a car on the highway.

    “Currently countries including Belgium, Norway and Italy have closed their airspace to VFR flights. I understand too that other Baltic states including Lithuania may have similar restrictions. Sweden and Denmark appear to have no blanket closures, although one or two airports have been closed, again due to staffing issues.

    “VFR flights in Spain and France are not specifically banned, but are impacted by the overall curfew on non-essential movements outside individuals’ homes. (ie. You can’t get to an airfield anyway).

    “Here in the UK, many airfields have closed cafes and flying clubs and restricted contact between pilots and airfield staff. Many flying clubs, schools and gliding clubs are now restricting dual instruction training, which may have a future impact on PPL revalidation and licence renewal flights.

    “We would also advise owners whose aircraft may shortly require a CofV renewal check flight, to consider carry out such a flight sooner rather than later, in case increased precautions do restrict flying in the future.”

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  • Frank Dimmock
    A further email message from Geoff received this evening:

    "First priority, we hope that you and your family and friends are keeping well and safe.

    Now just to let you know what is happening at the BMAA.

    How we are working

    Because we have invested in modern technological solutions over the past decade or so most of the work that we do on your behalf can be done remotely and so although the staff are spread out around Oxfordshire it won’t make a great deal of difference to what we can do.

    You can help us to get things done in a timely way. Please try to use electronic communication where possible.

    Emails are better than phone calls initially. If you need to talk with a specific staff member include your telephone number and we will call you back.
    Send in your Permit Applications through the website rather than by post and that means that they don’t have to get picked up from the office to be processed. We really don’t need paper, and postage is going up soon so you can save yourself time and cost! You will need to log in, the website link is
    You can also renew your membership online at Don’t forget to log in for that too. If you know someone who wants to join, they can do that online too at the same page.

    Aaron is in the office and will continue to process licence applications and instructor and examiner matters.

    The AGM and Council Elections

    We have postponed the AGM until later in the year, however the elections will go ahead as we have started them and you will be getting a ballot paper with your April edition of Microlight Flying magazine. You can either post the ballot paper back to the independent scrutineer or go online as explained on the paper and cast your vote electronically.

    We have also included three proposals that would have been made at the AGM. The first one relates directly to our accounts which must be submitted by the end of May which is why we cannot wait until the postponed AGM. The second is the appointment of the auditor for this year and the last is a proposal to apply an inflationary increase to the BMAA membership fees. More details of these will be published on the BMAA website under the heading BMAA AGM 2020. This is the link.

    Flying and Coronavirus

    We are in communication with the Department for Transport and the CAA about managing and protecting VFR flight in the UK during the current health problems and maintaining licence privileges by experience if dual instructional flight is unavailable or unwise. So far it looks as if we will have positive answers and we will of course communicate them to members as soon as we have any news.

    And finally

    Please keep looking at the BMAA website for updates or join the BMAA Facebook Group where we can communicate with members.

    Take care.

    Geoff Weighell and all the BMAA Team.

    As for the "Flying and Coronavirus" paragraph, this has the potential to ground me and I imagine many others. As if the winter hasn't been bad enough and not having flown for many months due to a waterlogged strip, I now face not being able to get an hour with an instructor before September when my reval is due, even if my strip is usable to get my hours up (assuming we're not grounded by Boris). OK, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that important but I hope the BMAA team will put details of the discussions with the CAA on this platform as it ain't dead yet!!

    Ginge, I think I read somewhere that you don't do facebook? Likewise, so I am very disappointed nay annoyed about the suggestion we have to go there for info


    PS. I just remembered my permit is due in June, so that could be another casualty!
    Last edited by Frank Dimmock; 19th March 2020, 23:11.

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  • Ginge Sunley
    For those that may not have received it I'll copy Geof's post regarding the AGM

    The BMAA AGM has been postponed until the current health problem is behind us.

    In your April Microlight Flying magazine will be a ballot paper for the Council elections. There are now three candidates standing for two places. You can vote by returning the pre-paid reply envelope or follow the instructions on the ballot paper and vote online.

    In addition to the Council elections the ballot paper will have three other proposals which would have been put to the AGM.

    The first is to approve the accounts for the year 2018-2019. You can read these on the BMAA website by following this link.

    The second is to reappoint the auditors. We have used this firm for several years and have conducted due diligence to ensure that they are independent and provide best value.

    "The third is to raise membership fees to account for inflation by 2 on a full membership of 80. Our budget for the year 2019-2020 looks as if we are maintaining our plan to break even this year but if fees don’t keep up with inflation we are likely not to cover costs.

    We hope that you will support these proposals.

    Geoff Weighell

    CE BMAA"

    Don't forget to post your votes

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  • Joan Walsh
    started a topic Popham 2020 & BMAA AGM

    Popham 2020 & BMAA AGM

    News via Facebook - Popham cancelled due guess-what.

    BMAA AGM affected, but don't know how.

    Wait and see.