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  • Quality issues

    Has anyone had quality issues recently with a new C42? Ours seems to have all sorts of problems.

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    Ouch, I take that you have been working with TLAC, I've always found them to be agood helpful bunch.


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      Not so good on this occasion.....lots of major fabrication mistakes missed on inspection. As a result I had to do an emergency landing with only 44 hours on the Hobbs. Fortunately got down ok, but Comco, Rotax and TLAC haven't shown their best qualities on this one.


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        Well done on pulling off a successful landing, problems involving all three sounds realy bad news, all you in a position to elucidate?


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          Out flying 6 weeks ago when the cylinder head temperature suddenly shot off the scale. Immediately throttled back, opened the air cowl, put the heater on, set for glide and looked for a place to land before the engine seized. Watched the oil temperature and managed to get back to the airfield for an emergency landing.
          On inspection, the main coolant hose had detached from the radiator and I'd lost all coolant. The hose hadn't been fitted properly with only 1/2" overlap and the clip on the bulge instead of well past it. Further inspection showed that 2 other hoses had also been fitted incorrectly in the same way. The radiator mounting bolts had been over tightened and the threads were stripped. This meant the radiator was loose with 1" lateral movement. The 2 main airducts were split, the carburettor weights were too heavy causing a rich mixture and most importantly large pieces of non magnetic metal were found in the oil system (confirmed not related to collant loss). As a result Rotax and Comco decided to ground the aircraft.
          7 weeks on and a new engine is being fitted on warranty.
          Our concerns are:
          - why were basic mistakes made during fabrication?
          - why did Comco miss these during inspection?
          - why didn't TLAC inspect when imported?
          We are worried that similar mistakes have been made on other new C42's.