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Comparing this years scores to last years results

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  • Comparing this years scores to last years results

    The RbR turn points are unchanged from last year (just adding 1 new one being Preston Capes airfield) but the scoring scoring system is completely simplified.

    If you want to compare last years results with this years there is a simple way of doing it:

    Download the master score sheet from last year from the Round Britain Rally website:

    open it in excel

    Click on the tab "rawdata"

    go to cell B3 and type in 100

    copy this down colum B to row 67

    This sets the turn point scores from last year to this years points system and it flows thorugh the entire spreadsheet

    Then you can look at the tab "Results" and the row labelled "VNE-adjusted Waypoint Score" is the same scoring system as applies to this years rally.

    On this basis I need to fly a lot more than last year as to 'win' in silver class last year I would have had to fly 14 more turn points (not a chance) or in gold it would have been 23 more ... and without the GPS :smhair:

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    Comparing this years scores to last years results

    You know me and spreadsheets Kirk - thanks for you help with the spreadsheet on Wednesday night.

    Thank you again for your offer to help me simplify it even further for next year.

    I like simples..