Hi all,
It was terrific meeting with everyone at Barton over the RBR 2012 and having a great time, even with the crap weather. My mind is now turning to next year (already registered :-)). I thought I'd start at thread about how we could improve things for RBR 2013. Here's my 9 penneth worth.
[list type=decimal]
* The event should definitely on as long as a 33% of competitors want to fly. Still a pilots decision as to go/no go, but this would stop the criticism JM has had to endure. If it is delayed then it's rescheduled for later in the year.

* Definitely Barton again next year. They couldn't have been more welcoming.

* Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) as a turn-point. Again, very welcoming and that should be rewarded.

* 50% new turn points each year to freshen things up.

* Northern Ireland / IOW / IOM turn-points.

* Total time flying should be worked out per day (easy enough on the loggers I would assume), doing away with "on the ground by 19:00". That way pilots could take advantage of calmer periods in the evening etc. It would definitely help the flex bods. Perhaps still limit it to 10 flying hrs per day. Pilots complete a log (as per this year) to help John.

* If a pilot is in the air for more than 10 hrs, rather than lose all points the same 50 points per minute over the 10 hrs is applied.

* Golden gates. Turn-points worth double if bagged on a specific day/timeslot. As per 2011 I believe.[/list type=decimal]
That's all I can think of for now.