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3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

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  • 3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

    Our hangar at Arclid (Cheshire) was broken into, very likely this afternoon - Wednesday 11 September 2013. The only thing that we have found missing is a 3-blade Warp Drive pusher prop off John Bradbury's GT450. Whoever stole the prop did a very neat and tidy job, both of getting into the back of the hangar and removing the prop from the aircraft - they took all the locking wire, washers and bolts away with them. The prop is off a school aircraft and therefore not in "as new" condition.

    Strangely nothing else in the hangar was touched. You'd have thought common-or-garden scallywags would have gone for the easy stuff, not a pusher-prop off a 912.

    Can you guy's keep this in mind if you hear of one being offered about. John Can be contacted through the Cheshire Microlight School website.


    Tim Walker

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    3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

    Bastards! Sounds like a stolen to order job. At least I'm in the clear as 2 strokes rotate the other way! JB is a legend, so hope we can recover it for him.


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      3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid


      I don't want to believe another 912 flexwing pilot would steal a used prop, especially from John, plus too many people would know you'd damaged your prop then found a secondhand replacement.

      I wonder if it's an irritated neighbour fed up with the extra flying in the better than average sunshine this year? Didn't some grumpy bloke recently buy a house more or less under the circuit but who didn't realise there was an airfield just over the field? Arclid isn't exactly easy to happen across by road (unless you live locally) and then only stealing something which will obviously stop the easily-recognisable school aircraft from flying seems odd...

      I hope the culprit is caught and castrated (particularly for stealing from a pensioner!)


      P.S. And if you need to borrow a replacement prop John you can have the Warp Drive prop from my GT tomorrow.


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        3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

        The stolen prop would have a serial number. if not recorded in the log book P and M may have a record of it


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          3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

          Do some background work and John could give the police a much narrowed-down set of likely 'customers'.

          1) The particular Warp Drive is a 172cm and suits a pusher 912, as this is more or less the Quik/GT range that reduces it to 373 total

          2) Early examples will have Arplast props; these are brilliant but far more fragile than Warps, so a 'prop change' appearing on an aircraft presented to an inspector may appear.

          3) P&M may have a record of the prop serial number etc?

          Any other contributions could narrow this further; this character needs rooting out.

          Travel distance is likely to be greater than 'risk of being found out' miles and within 'far enough' distance; use compass and map then a 'phone call to any trusted buddies at those fields.

          The thief probably wouldn't expect this to appear on here as it would seem too minor; Tim has done a good deed.

          BMAA 5696

          "If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

          R.J. Mitchell :- Designer of the Supermarine Spitfire


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            3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

            Does any pilot know of someone that has smashed there warp drive recently one or more blades any airfield anywhere ?



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              3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

              Thanks to all for concern and advice over my stollen prop. The Serial number is C15029. It is easy to identify because the aluminium sleeves at the roots of each blade are split. As an asside, these splits I have seen elsewhere before and, I am assured are not (unfortunately in this case) a structural issue.
              The prop is probably on it's way abroard. However, vigilance on anyone knowing of someone damaging a prop is certainly worth noting. Also, do you know anyone who has recently installed a new/second-hand/replacement 912 UL engine?



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                3-blade Warp Drive propeller stolen from Arclid

                pm sent John