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Pegasus Q 462 pulling to one side

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  • Pegasus Q 462 pulling to one side

    Inspection last year no problems. Always parked semi rigged in hangar, approx 15 hours flown. During permit flight it is pulling to the port and in a 60 degree bank hard to pull straight. Other than checking all the battens what else could it be. One suggestion is something to do with wing tips, any thoughts

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    Given the severity of the fault and how quickly it has occurred I would be looking for signs of damage to the wing and trike, does anyone have to move your trike or wing to get theirs out.
    If no visible damage then start at the beginning with batten profiles, elastics, washout rods and removing hangbracket to check it's not twisted.


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      Dave, thanks for the advice. Planning to have a good look this weekend and will check all the points you raised


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        Did you ever sort out the problem with your wing? It occurred to me that one of the bearings at the outer end of each wing leading edge tube could be seized. If one of them has seized up then that wing won't behave as it should and could cause the type of behaviour you're seeing. So next time you do your DI, see if you can twist the wing tips up and down. The Q1 wing had needle roller bearings at each wing tip that allowed the tips to rotate as necessary and as my inspector always used to point out to me, if one of those bearings seize up then flying the plane could become very interesting indeed!

        The Q2 wing, as fitted to the later Quasars and Quantums doesn't have them, instead they have ground adjustable fixed wing tips that can be adjusted up or down and set into a particular position.
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