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Fuel flow meter & sender

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  • Fuel flow meter & sender

    Anyone offer any advice on which fuel flow meter in 57mm hole size is the best?

    i've asked a few guys from the airport and can't seem to find anyone who knows much about them really.

    I want something that will show ltrs per hour in real time as i'm fed up with the LPH really altering on any aircraft i fly and this way i will really know i've struck the optimum for the trim or rpm i have set and want to fly at. I guess by flying with a little drop in rpm or different trim could make a big difference to i want to do in litres per hour. If it has more features than just that reading then so be it.

    Also i run a 80 hp 912 so i'm needing info on whihc sender is the best and if they will still floweven if the impellor thingy gets jammed and also whihc is the best way to fit the sensor.

    for example are we best fitting them in the single fuel pipe before they split off, or on 1 carb (does the system lt yu multiply flow?

    What do the boys doing the comps use to get the maximum set in endurance anyone know? Paul D any advice?

    thanks and any advice would be great as i want to buy once and buy right.


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    Fuel flow meter & sender


    I've been looking at getting a fuel flow set up myself and am very impressed with one that Paul from Parts for Aircraft sells. It is one of the infinity range, fits a 21/4" hole and can cope with most types of set up's ie, single or duel tanks, single fuel flow or differential flows for systems with vapour lock returns. It can cope with odd shaped tanks if you are equipped with level sensors or just give consumption rates and range /endurance if given real or virtual airspeeds. It would suit flex or 3-axis but would probally require a Mod to be submitted.

    Geoff Ellis


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      Fuel flow meter & sender

      Hi Nick

      I have a Stratomaster FF2 fitted to my GT450. Used a Stratomaster flow sender fitted next to the fuel cut off tap. Added a second filter after the flow sensor. The flow sensor is surpposed to let the fuel flow if the turbine seizes. I have not tested this claim! Had to extend the wiring loom to fit. Replaced the standard fuel gauge. Can give you the mini mod number but have not got the paperwork with me. Will find it and let you know.

      Very accurate when calibrated.

      Derek Lawrence


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        Ive just read your thread derek, and im about to fit a ff4 and mgl flow meter to my skyranger, could tell me what the mod number is... it may help me

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