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  • I've Started!!

    Hi All.
    As in the title had my first lesson in a Thruster T600n this afternoon. Had a fantastic time!!
    My instructor uses Lynx Micro headsets but could not get on with them, seems very heavy. I am only a little fella so need smaller and lighter headset......any help, advice, knowledge would be a great help. Also, if I bought a headset they mind you sending them back, if they dont fit properly??? No shops round my way!
    Appreciate your help/advice

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    Congratulations Terry on starting and welcome. I trained on a Thruster T600N 13 years ago. Loved every minute of it. So enjoy your training. In regards to headsets they are all more or less the same for Microlight use. I have worn Microavionics, Flycom, Communica and Lynx Headsets and to be honest I didn't notice any real difference from a comfort or weight point of view. Whatever Headset you would choose it will have to be compatible with the Lynx set up. Maybe just give the instructors headsets a go for another few hours. Perhaps someone on here may have better advice for you in relation to the headsets.


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      Thanks Damien. As you say, give it another go!!


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        Welcome Terry enjoy, the Thrusters are great training machines.

        The reason that the Lynx is heavier than some GA sets is that they carry their own batteries in the headband. Have you tried adjusting the fit? The headband is designed to be stretched outwards and the earcup positions are adjustable. If you can get them comfy it is well worth it as they are excellant quality and the service is second to none should you need it.

        It is worth spending a little time getting them right for you as distractions are unhelpful. If all else fails try having a word with Chris Draper of Medway Microlights, his wife Karen, when I last saw her, was useing some in ear type that she was happy with.


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          Terry, check your PMs, I've sent you one (a PM that is, not a headset!).
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            Thanks for the info Ginge. Will give them another try.


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              Hi Joan. by now you might have got my reply. Had a little laugh......PM not headset!!


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                Where are you based Terry? I have a very comfy headset for sale which you could try first
                Sean McDonald


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                  Hi Sean
                  North Norfolk coast.......bit of a trek, but thanks for thinking of me!!!