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    I didn't know about it either and I had to ask. It concerns examiners, instructors and those taking exams, who have been fully informed. Probably 'Henry King' heard it from an instructor since it's not secret information.
    Rob Hughes
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      The implication in "Henry King's" post that this error results from the CAA handing over responsibility to the BMAA for exam papers, however, is not true.
      The only change is that the CAA have delegated the DISTRIBUTION of the papers to the BMAA.
      Henry, whoever he is, is using a simple administrative error to bash the BMAA.
      No harm has been done and, as Rob says, things have been sorted. All examiners are informed and know what to do.
      Martin Watson
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        If I could just get us back on thread;

        I suggest people don't try to remember this by rote. Just remember Speed is "Miles Per Hour". So long as you appreciate that "Per" means "divided by" then you always have Speed is Distance divided by Time.

        Laurie (2)

        Originally posted by iandlee View Post
        I've been asked about D/ST, so here goes:

        The triangle is: D
        S * T

        D = Distance
        S = Speed
        T = Time

        To get any one thing you use the other two so:
        Distance = Speed * Time
        Speed = Distance / Time
        Time = Distance / Speed