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Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

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    Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

    Thanks a lot, Joan - VERY much appreciated.
    So far, I've found:

    i. The CAA website provides SRG1204Iss08 as Guidance Notes,


    ii. SRG1204Iss07 as the Declaration Form.

    I presume the bit to which Joan refers for highlighting is the guidance notes to GPs in Section 1:

    [table dir=ltr border=1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=7 width=717]
    [tr ][td height=6 vAlign=top]that would prevent them reaching the appropriate DVLA standard. The latest version of these standards can be found on the DVLA website ( Only a GP from the UK GP practice with whom the pilot is registered may countersign the declaration. You are not being asked to assess an applicantís fitness to fly and there is no requirement to undertake a medical examination unless you wish to check a specific health parameter. Your countersignature confirms the absence of a medical history that would preclude holding a DVLA Group 1 or 2 Licence (with modifications for certain conditions - see below Notes 2, 3 and 4). which acknowledge that an accurate knowledge of a pilotís past medical history is the most important information in assessing a future risk of incapacitation.

    [Edited on 22 Apr 15 to highlight the additional bits identified by Joan, (thanks again!), in case anyone refers to this in the future].


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      Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

      I think I also highlighted thus: "... a countersignature from you, their GP, verifying there is nothing in the medical history that would prevent them reaching the appropriate DVLA standard."
      and "The UK Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for these medical standards which acknowledge that an accurate knowledge of a pilotís past medical history is the most important information in assessing a future risk of incapacitation."

      You know your own GP and you'll know how much his nose needs rubbing in it. Good luck: some GPs are easy, others are hard work. They are allowed to charge a fee which seems to vary between almost nothing and £70 or more.


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        Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

        I am very lucky in that my Doctor IS au fait and "content" with the requirements.. he also deals with a sub aqua diving system which has similar requirements, but I believe one of the "problems" a number of people suffer, is that once "most" Doctors see the heading "Civil Aircraft Authority" on the form..............they instantly feel they could leave themselves open to litigation... when "the airliner crashes"................unless they cover themselves with a full blown Medical, and often do not understand, or accept!! the CAA guidlines.


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          Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

          Well I've submitted the form to my GP, with the notes for GPs highlighted as advised by Joan...


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            Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

            CAA is about to launch a consultation on medical standards. It should lead to an alternative option for NPPL holders.


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              Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

              YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

              Just collected my medical declaration form, countersigned by a doctor I don't know in our practice, but I'm already her biggest fan. No mention of a charge, so I crept out, making use of all available cover....

              Now, let me see...

              i. Aeroplane build.... Finished

              ii. Aeroplane certification....

              iii. Medical chit... Signed & countersigned

              iv. Airtesting...

              v. Permit...

              vi. Re-qualification...

              Ref vi.: Should be easy, really: just got to fool Mr Dewhurst I can fly the damn thing. A breeze, really.... [2] [/2][red] [/red]


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                Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

                Great news Phil.

                Did you have to take her out on a Boozey Blind Date with coffee to follow!:-)

                Not had first hand experience of our (to my mind THE best) Mr Dewhurst, but if my experience of revalidating an expired rating (by some 12 years.) with a CAA Examiner.... . is anything to go by.......... the Examiner is there to helpfully try to put you at ease and pass you......... not fail you unless................ you really are UNSAFE"........ or frighten him witless!!!:-)

                .................. you can verify the latter by the strange smell coming from the other seat............. and his call to ATC for the "toilet bowser"!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

                Don't worry........... good luck and enjoy!!!!!


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                  Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

                  Thanks for the encouragement, Wally.

                  Paul taught me to fly back in '93, back at Halton. He's perhaps the only one up to it: an earlier bad experience in RAF flying training loaded me with some baggage to overcome. Paul got me through that, with patience & reasonableness. I know I won't enjoy the re-qual much, but I can do it with Paul. It's not that he pulls his punches, but more about how he delivers them.

                  My only consolation is that he probably views the prospect of flying with me with more foreboding than do I!

                  Someday, he & I will both look back on this & laugh!


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                    Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

                    Revisited this thread because I have just had my form signed and like others I was puzzled that it seems like I am not being asked to send it anywhere. Spotted Geoff's advice in this thread that I now hang on to it until someone asks. Progress.
                    Let's hope the other consultation described in another thread bears fruit because the current one is far from easy. My current doctor signed the form 5 years ago so I asked him to sign this one. For some reason he passed it on to a different doctor in the practice and it needed about 4 phone calls from me to assure the practice manager that I wasn't trying to pull a fast one and this included dropping off the explanatory forms at the surgery (the NHS doesn't do email yet). Eventually I was told that I could call in and collect it and pay the £15 they wanted (that's £15 a year now grrrr) but when I went down they were closed for training. So I went down again today and collected it in an envelope. Fortunately I decided to check it before leaving to find that the Doctor had ticked both boxes when it clearly says doing so would invalidate the form (at first I thought this was CAA stupidity as what difference can it make because if he ticks the second box then it means the conditions for the first box are satisfied anyway . But then I realised that an unscrupulous pilot who should only be ticked for solo flying could easily put a tick in the second box after the GP had signed the form). I also spotted that the GP had mistakenly assumed that he was supposed to enter the expiry date in a box which is really supposed to deal with any special limitations requiring a medical review (I guess if he wanted to review how a pilot was doing on a particular medication for example). To be honest I couldn't stand the thought of more explanations and questions so I will just deal with the issue in 12 months time. Hopefully by then CAA will have changed the rules.


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                      Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

                      My sympathy, Mike, but your sorry tale only highlights the failings of the current system: well past time it was sorted, particularly when it forms a major de-motivator to those trying to 'do the decent thing'.


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                        Medical Examination for Medical Declaration???

                        This is my first post.
                        I also had trouble getting my G.P. to sign my self-dec'. he refused, stating that "he wasn't qualified to judge me fit to fly". No amount of paperwork or explaining would budge him.
                        I tried the practice manager and was told that no other G.P. in that practice would sign. It was outside their remit. I went to another practice to inquire and was told the same thing.

                        I contacted N.H.S. Oxfordshire (for it was there that this problem arose) and N.H.S. England and was fobbed off by both. The final conclusion was that the doctor could decide for himself whether to sign or not.
                        I went to an A.M.E., who was a lovely bloke and gave me a brief examination then requested written proof that medical conditions that I had (type 2 diabetes and past surgery) were within C.A.A. specifications. This guy was also a G.P. in Oxfordshire (!!) He explained that G.P.'s were unimpressed with the C.A.A.'s approach to this and it really depended on the G.P. on the day.
                        I finally got my medical certificate and took it to my G.P. for inclusion on my medical notes. I invited him to sign a self-declaration form on the basis that I was clearly "fit to fly solo" and he still declined!
                        I guess there's just no helping some people!

                        Anyway, I've flown solo. I am now halfway through my exams and very close to completing training- and loving it!