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A Quantum flight.

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  • A Quantum flight.

    I was away with work last week and for the flights and lounging around airports I took with me a copy of Brian Miltons Global Flyer. I had not read the book in a few years and it was again a fantastic read. What made it even better was that I was reading it as a Quantum owner, and I could picture everything Brian went through. It was a very brave challenge, to put it mildly.
    Today was a perfect day for flying. Light winds of 10mph and after a tough week in work this was the tonic I needed. So after giving my Quantum 503 a clean I pulled her out and went for a local Jolly. I flew over a model airfield and watched the model aircraft dancing around below me. I would have done a couple of approaches, but they were too busy flying to give me an opportunity to show them my 100% scale aircraft. 40 mins later I was back into the circuit and with the Airfield quiet I took the time to do 3 touch and goes.
    I was meant to be going home at lunchtime to meet a friend. However he was unable to make it so I made full use of the cancellation, cleared the afternoon with my fair lady at home and went flying with some friends. I escorted an X-Air to a Parachute club for lunch, and then a 10 minute bimble to Limetree.
    The return flight was fantastic, the cloud base had risen to 2,000ft with some holes showing bright blue and a nice 10 mph tail wind. As I flew along at 70mph over the ground I thought of Brian Milton and the around the world flight of 1998. I was flying along looking down at beautiful country side, a patchwork quilt of greens, Browns, yellow and blacks. Farmers busy using the fine day to harvest their crops, kids out playing in their back gardens. A complete contrast to Brian flying across deserts, tundra's, frozen ice fields and oceans. The Quantum is a lovely ship, I was enjoying the flight, enjoying the head holiday and break from work. Even enjoying the turbulence. I am lucky, we all are, I don't get out flying as much as I would love to, family, work and weather can sometimes take over, but when I do get the chance, I grab it with both hands. Today I logged 3 hours. 3 fantastic hours, I feel like as if I had a holiday. I love this hobby and what better way to do it than in a Microlight.

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    A Quantum flight.

    Nice one Damien, that sounds like enjoyable flying, I know what you mean about feeling as if you've had a holiday sometimes even a shortish flight leaves me feeling great for days after.

    I hope that you have many more as enjoyable.