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a pleasant early morning bimble.

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  • a pleasant early morning bimble.

    I gave myself a fright two weeks ago and took a week off to get my flying head back on. Shortly after take off, the canopy, which I had failed to secure properly bounced on the safety catch in very thermic conditions and opened fully. The immediate application of Rule One and a good friction lock on the throttle saved my skin.

    This morning I arrived at the hangar early and was up before the sky got bubbly. Rotax's bicep developer is getting easier to start and I was warmed up and taxying in a few minutes. QFE set, belts tight CANOPY CHECKED. Good to go. The tail came up almost immediately and as the stick came back the little aeroplane climbed steadily away. I had no real plan so I turned out to follow the railway out towards Salisbury and as soon as I was clear of airspace, I climbed through the inversion layer to 3000 for a look around the gin clear sky. My sky because everybody else was still eating breakfast.
    Oscar Romeo was in a good mood and running smoothly so I trimmed for 70 and went out towards Alderbury where I called up Old Sarum.
    Nothing. Two more calls and nothing. The usual hash in the headphones with the squelch off but no received signal. OS take a dim view of non radio arrivals so I turned back towards Farley. No bones broken, I didn't need to go there and besides, there were lots of tiny cumuli to duff up. Stick a wing in and see if you can fly right round it, over the top and ski down the other side; all the usual childish fun. The panorama of Hampshire in the Summer from side to side, fields and villages, ponds and rivers all rendered in the sharp focus of a clear bright morning The blissful privilege unknown to the ground dwellers. Worth rising early for and the hour's drive to the airfield.
    Pick up the woods near the field and run in a careful circuit with the low pass we customarily do when joining. Bring it in almost to a landing and fly it down the strip to get my eye in then full power and away for a nice precise circuit. Juggling the power to control the rate of descent, the landing was smooth and I missed all the Farley bumps. Well done aeroplane. Back at the hangar, I checked the time. Forty minutes airborne over in the blink of an eye. Time flies when I do. Past fright expunged and another month in which I have flown. The feeling of relaxation has lasted all day.
    The radio worked fine on it's own aerial so I am expecting the cable in the aircraft to be u/s. I'll put one on order tomorrow.

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    Ahh flying with no fixed plan often provides some of the best flights, going up with the sole intention of enjoying yourself, nice one Tom. It brings to mind a flight with my flying mate Brian. At the airfield everybody was saying where they were off to, "we going to Old Warden", "we're off to North Weald" and somebody else was heading for Headcorn, Where were we going? Brian just jabbed a finger the the sky and said "up, just up". We had a great flight based on the coastline with a lot of "hey that looks interesting" and going for a look. It was a memorably pleasant flight.

    The mention of Headcorn brings to mind when we had a similar problem whilst going there and having to divert. It turned out to be the conection of the Co-Ax plug on the end of the cable, a re-solder and we are still using the aerial and cable that came with the aircraft more that twenty years ago.