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The 1st of the year!

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  • The 1st of the year!

    It all seemed too good to be true, aircraft poshed up with her new skins, flown enough to get to know her again and the next flyin was a favourite at Sutton Meadows. Even the weather forecast was for the best day in ages, too good to be true? Not this time!

    Forecast was for the hottest day of the year so far, so I was prepared to be teased by my old adversary Tempestas Roman god of winds. She who eases you upwards when you reduce power to descend or puts a fingertip under your wingtip when you intend to initiate a turn, sometimes giving a vigorous shake to make sure you’re awake. Today though she seemed in a kindly mood, the windsock at Rayne lazily wafting and indicating 27 when it could be bothered.

    Suited up we were already getting rather warm as we started up, completed our checks and taxied off along the runway where the resident crow flapped to other side of the runway where, with his mate they watched resentfully as we trundled past. Turning into such wind as there was we were soon tail up and away, the aeroplane felt as keen as we were to get away from the ground. Climbing away from the airfield we were treated to the glorious sight of a Buzzard, who deciding we were passing a bit close dived away flashing its beautiful colours in the bright sun. Our climb was a bit sluggish in the heat but once well clear we eased back to a cruise climb until clear of Stansted. It was surprisingly calm, maybe the goddess was luxuriating in the warmth as well. Unsurprising for such a lovely day in wasn’t long before several other aircraft were noted so I planned on getting high where the skies are so much emptier. Soon we were up at 3300’ and all the others were growing smaller then overhead came a Stansted bound airliner, strewth he looked big. OK he was a goodly way above, but he still looked very large with his livery shining in the sun and Ryanair’s golden harp gleaming on the blue background.

    Approaching the old airfield at Wratting Common, now with its old runways covered in curious looking long thin woods, we could climb a bit more. Tempestas now lent a hand and we were gently wafted upward, even reducing power we gently eased up. Any hopes of rising above the slight inversion were dashed and the vis. remained with a slight summer mistiness in the distance. It was still pretty good though and we could see Duxford and Stansted and the look over the shoulder still revealed Wethersfield. Newmarket and Cambridge emerged ahead.
    Now we were cruising gently at 4500’ and the two other Rayne based aircraft passed about two grand beneath, two little white crosses against the green and buff landscape. By Waterbeach I decided to ease down to arrive at a sensible height as we crossed the hundred foot drain. We listened in to determine the runway in use and spotted the airfield by the parked aircraft. We’d arrived at a busy time and could barely get a call in when needed but we joined in and locating the no go areas swept in to final. It was here that the goddess decided that she could resist no longer and we bobbled about to ease back towards a 3 pointer she wafted me up and then pulled the rug out and I landed like a sack of spuds, except they rarely bounce.

    Parking up we headed to the sign in and the Barbie here I received the expected comments on my arrival from my fellow Raynites. As always at Sutton Meadows the babie was great and the cakes excellent and the company was first class. What a great bunch, I believe that if they did this more often the proportion of heavy microlight pilots would balloon like their waistlines.
    Aircraft continued to arrive in great variety, modern ships pre-dominating but seasoned with some older classics, a Phantom, a delightful immaculate Q and how does a Quasar still look more modern than the latest ships?

    Great aircraft, good company and wonderful food, all the ingredients of a first class flyin, my thanks to the Cambridge Microlight club. The flight home was as easy and smooth as the outbound flight with Tempestas trying a trick as I arrived home and sea breeze had arrived and now the wind was mostly across and a bit gusty. Not twice in one day I thought and was ready for the sharp gust a fraction before touch down and managed a decent landing, but still I thanked her for the smoothness of the day.

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    Lovely write up Ginge
    Sean McDonald


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      Thanks Sean, it was a realy pleasent event and a great day to be flying