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Which grease/lubricant to use?

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  • Which grease/lubricant to use?


    I fly a Jabiru UL450 which can have the wings removed for transport. The wing attachments consist of aluminium brackets (on the body) into which lugs attached to the wings are secured using AN bolts. The wing lugs are steel rings mounted in composite. Reassembling is sometimes tricky as the fittings are tight and I wanted to use a little grease to make fitting/positioning easier to line up the bolts. Not being too familiar with working with composites is it OK to use a little normal grease, vaseline or what? There's nothing on the Jabiru site and I suppose it's a sort of general question anyway.

    Any advice appreciated (and I know the Jabiru is an LAA machine but I'm a member of both LAA/BMAA)


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    Which grease/lubricant to use?

    From the background of motorsport composites, I would avoid using anything which may include aggressive solvents.

    I would suggest a 'dry' lubricant, such as those marketed for bicycle chains. The dry lubricants have a solvent / propellant, so should be applied to the bolt only and allowed to dry before assembly.

    Anyone with more specific data please feel free to contradict me.
    Pete T.

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