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Seat tank for trike

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  • Seat tank for trike

    Hello all,

    And particularly Kev!

    Have a look at the thread on this link

    I have a minimax and found this subject on one of the pages of the lonesomebuzzards website in the US. The posts in the thread from Arthur Withy, who lives in Australia are the ones to look for, and in particular the pictures of his combined seat/tank. He flew a flexwing that was a rip off of the Chaser, but called the Pursuit 10.

    Near the bottom of the page there's also a picture put up by someone called Kevin, of another seat/tank, but this one looks quite different from the one Arthur used.

    The idea seems quite good for trikes that have a folding monopole and fixed seat, and I wonder if the design might be used in SSDR trikes here in the future?

    Best regards,
    XL's forever! Well, one of them anyway. It's all I can afford, not to mention the Raven and the Mini-Max. Oh, and I almost forgot the Spectrum as well :-)