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People's Projects - How are they coming along?

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  • People's Projects - How are they coming along?

    As I've got a keen eye on the SSDR category I was wondering how people's projects are currently coming along? Do you know of anybody who has actually flown their own designs? (or possibly an aircraft which is around now but actually can qualify for SSDR?)

    Now that the PFA(LAA) competition has been and gone and from the designs which were showcased both in a thread(Here: and also from the PFA magazine, how are people getting on? Are they anywhere near flying condition? The aircraft I was particulary interested in from the PFA competition was the university entry(Possibly Cranfield uni??) Has work started on a full scale version yet?

    And what about that sexy Rutan style SSDR? Has that moved in any direction since the competition?



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    People's Projects - How are they coming along?

    Our Dragonfly has been flying now since mid summer last year. Wing is a bought in item, but trike is all ours - so maybe the first UK new design SSDR to fly?

    Lost of work / time to get from first prototpe to production though - but we are getting there.



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      People's Projects - How are they coming along?

      Hi Paul,
      If you are talking about the 'Colab' from Cranfield Uni I can bring you up to speed.
      We have the wings and tail made at 1/3 scale so need to finish the body and engine mount and hope to have that flying at about Easter time to get confidence in the claimed performance, Cof G and so on.
      The basic load calcs are done and detail put into the wing design so I can go out and explore the costings and manufacture to see if I can afford it.
      The rest is not resolved except in outline but we have FE capability in the team and are at the moment recreating the design in 3D Cad to do the detail work but are looking for help in the aerodynamics.
      If we had a pet bank manager and no distractions at work I am looking at something flying in about one year from now with the LAA air trials in 2009 as my target which I want to win.
      I know a good pilot and the specs are good and it looks as if it will be a pilots plane so that's possible but there are a lot of things which can go wrong before that.
      Mick Broom
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        People's Projects - How are they coming along?

        I am spending what time I have available thinking about how to manufacture the wing.

        I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that enthusiasts like myself need is a low drag wing for a flexwing (low drag, low thrust; low thrust, small engine; small engine, low weight). The other design criteria is that it should be able to be manufactured at home by anyone. It helps no-one for me to design something that requires the resources of a factory to produce.

        This is the circle that I am currently trying to square, but Iím a great dreamer so donít hold your breath.

        Laurie (2)


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          People's Projects - How are they coming along?

          ..Have you boys applied for registration yet?
          ...I`ve just had my application rejected today,effectively "Come back when you`ve finished it"


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            People's Projects - How are they coming along?

            Apparently "wings done" isnt good enough


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              People's Projects - How are they coming along?

              An update on the e-plane:

              We're doing a lot of design and analysis work to verify the weight (especially) and performance before starting construction. (It's much quicker to rebuild a plane on the computer!). A very helpful friend is doing some proper 'computational fluid dynamics', which should point out local separation problems, and improve drag and control estimates. I'm building a cockpit mockup to test space, access, ergonomics, etc. It's nearly finished. We'll also use it with the x-plane flight simulation that we've already got working. Next major task is a structural test specimen - and that'll check if we can get the very low weight/adequate strength. It's our first time in building carbon fibre components from scratch, but we're getting lots of help from a Marshall's Aerospace expert, and we're soon off for a short course with Carbonology.

              We're also hoping to find a local R/C modeller to build a half scale model, which we can instrument to check performance and low speed handling.

              Hopefully we'll be building the real thing in March, and aim to have it complete at the end of the year....

              Yes, it's a lot of stuff before we get building - but it'll make me much happier about stepping in and flying it!

              You can follow progress on our web-site.....



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                People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                Another one for you. Have you ever experimented with one sided corrugated cardboard (covered in a lightweight glass cloth) as a method of structural boarding material. It would be a bit tedious getting the cloth into the corrugations on one side, but I'm a great believer in utilising some old fashioned ideas to gain stiffness with lightness.


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                  People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                  i might be able to help with the RC Model.

                  I build large models and fly them in competitions all over the world, i also fly a C42, an RV 6 and i am facinated by this de-reg stuff

                  See some of my models below

                  Dave Stephens

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                    People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                    Thanks again Jeremy,
                    I must have a go at manufacturing some corrugated sheet without the paper.

                    SSDR could turn out to be a cheaper hobby than those massive models !!



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                      People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                      Great models Dave. What a nice collection, dread to think how many hours of work you've put into that lot! (and the amount of cash!)


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                        People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                        Hello Paul Jockster and all,
                        I start to feel more like a rave from the grave, as I have been working half heartedly and intermittently on my miniswift for a good couple of years now!
                        I has flown, but only a couple of inches off the deck, then I had the opportunity to change to what I thought would be a better wing and that changed so many dimensions I got into all sorts of clearance problems.
                        The frame is all sorted again but my local strip is less than ideal with a slope across it, and the last time I tried a light cross wind was adding to that drift... further to that I have no foot throttle and in even a couple of knots of cross wind you want both hands on the control bar, and throttle has to be all or nothing... nerve wracking when the end of the strip never looks that far away.
                        The new wing, a Pegasus Photon is much more wing shaped than the old Striker I was using; it is a deal heavier, but if it flies at all I think it will go a lot better with the new wing.
                        I have flown that old Striker wing with a 215 Solo engine, but this now uses a Radne Raket at 10 or 11hp I guess, so we will see... hopefully this spring down in Cornwall.
                        Mark P.............


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                          People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                          hi jockster

                          still looking for a wing for my sky trike i know for a typhoon wing large. trying to find out the maximum pilot wieght for this wing and any mods done .


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                            People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                            Hello Mr Dude,
                            Is the Typhoon you have a free flight wing? They do make a nice trike wings too, and I guess Solar Wings or Pegasus would tell you what it's maximum suspended load should be.
                            Sometimes with free flight wings stated pilot weights had a fair bit to do with stall speed for foot launching, and of course with wheels that doesn't matter much, but a free flight wing is quite likely to need stiffer A frame uprights... heavier guage or oversleeved, and 2.5mm wing wires increased to 3 or 4mm.
                            the 250 Robin Skytrike was a lot heavier than the Valmet powered one and that will make a difference too.

                            I started my little trike project with a nice old Striker, but this season I am trying again with a Pegasus Photon on it.
                            Good luck,
                            Mark.......... (


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                              People's Projects - How are they coming along?

                              hi mark

                              thank you, yes it is a free flight wing [hang gliding]i have emailed for info on the wing ,i looked up on the hang glider bible but no spec was listed.would i have any problems obtianing mod parts flying wire,s tube sleeve,s i have a typhoon wing well nearly all of it for spares .trying to get as much info before buying it and learn a bit from pilots that flew them.

                              can any one tell me if there was a problem with the super scorpion wing thank you