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    I found that support for the Simonini Victor 2 difficult to find in UK (there is no appointed UK agent), so contacted the company directly.

    All of my e-mail requests for spare parts have been handled by Paulo Simonini and the time taken from request to delivery us usually inside 3 weeks using non-urgent postage. The company accepts Paypal too, simplifying the buying process.

    If you have a Victor 2, it is worth noting that the carburettor bodies are similar to those fitted to Rotax 2-strokes, but the Idler Jet, Jet Needle, Needle Jet and Main Jet are peculiar to this engine. I do not know if there are any differences made for other later versions of this engine.

    These, with the Bing part numbers are:
    Main Jet 180 #268-989
    Needle Jet 278 #963-696
    Jet Needle 11h2 #963-11H2 (clip on the top notch)
    Idler Jet 40

    Edit: I did reply to Henry by PM at 5/1/2014 5:04 PM so as not to clutter a Resources thread with general discussion. I think it best to keep the thread confined to real information from manufacturer sources and start a discussion on particular topics elsewhere. Hope you don't mind!

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    Simonini Victor 2 Resource

    Hi John,
    What do you think of the victor 2? Performance, reliability, etc

    flying is good for you!