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polini thor 250 fuel burn

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    polini thor 250 fuel burn

    Paul ,
    I think this is another mystery to me and just as interesting as trying to work out how the wing flies!
    You obviously don't lose the options to save fuel once you have done the mechanical bits of adjusting the carbs and fuel curve.
    The question may be why try and establish the fuel burn in the first place and I suspect there are two answers , one is how far can I go and the other is how can I fly forever on the least fuel. Like most things in life the more you put into the question the more you get out and for me the first question would be nice to answer with the second more interesting question being asked afterwards.
    I need to understand lift and thermals which I am finding very difficult at the moment under the Chaser wing but got the impression that I was beginning to understand when flying the Shadow.
    One result of my winter travels is I have a lot of time up serious hills watching and feeling the wind effects but maybe the most noticeable was when on the Atlantic beach in Portugal watching the rollers coming in from America and flying my kite in storm conditions in what turned out to be very strong and very very stable air.
    Blisworth to Sutton and back yesterday ( just under two hours = just over 10 ltrs ) Cheaper than the Shadow and about the same speed.
    Tried a reading at 5000 foot in cold clean air , less revs and fuel , very cold decided it did not mean anything till the cab is sorted and its to high for me to travel places ;-)
    Mick Broom
    Member 909
    Shadow G-MWTN