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Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

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  • Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

    Folks iv had my 462 from my ssdr on the bench due to losing rotary valve oil. An inspection of the engine reveals 2x water pump cover bolt threads stripped;
    2x rad mounts unserviceable;
    All rotary valve oil seals unserviceable.
    Because of this lot I decided to check the gearbox.....take a look at the picture...I'm very glad I did. There was no indication of any defects in here...needless to say this gear is going to get changed.
    This is now the forth gearbox that I have found serious defects inside. As we resurrect the old machines please take time to get the gearbox inspected.

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    Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

    That will not T-cut out.
    Got any superglue?
    Ouch. Where's the rest of it?
    If it isn't there, it was known about. if It is, you've had a lucky escape. The gearbox locking at full power could tear the engine loose.


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      Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

      All remains accounted for in the bottom of the gearbox and in the waste oil. I am not at all impressed by this. That is the second gearbox that I have had with serious gear defects. How hard can it be to take the gearbox off and send it for an inspection? .....not hard at all.
      May this serve as a warning to ALL potential buyers. Check the log book...if there is a lack of maintenance be warned.. Even if there has been maintenance (as was the case with mine) get it checked anyway and take nothing for granted.


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        Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

        How many hours on this Dominic?


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          Ensure your gearbox is regularly inspected

          Not got the paperwork to hand but I'm pretty sure it was only 270ish. The point I am trying to get across is that as we continue to utilise the older types of craft there may have been gearbox swops and other types of interventions that the owner may have inadvertently forgotten to mention in the log. Either that or just a complete disregard for the upkeep of a decent log (now who would do that?).
          When buying a machine for the first time get the thing properly examined, not just a cursory glance over the paperwork it may cost a couple of quid but it will save on having to practice those forced landings.( doesn't cost me anything as I do it all myself.)
          Reading a very old post on one of the websites it would appear that Rotax had a problem with the early gears breaking; pretty much the same failure mode as mine in the picture. There was no knowing where the gears had come from in my gearbox as there was nothing in the log. They may have been originals from years ago.
          Every gearbox I utilise on my trikes is stripped, examined and the gears crack tested prior to rebuild, REGARDLESS of hours. Overly cautious; I don't think so! I am happy to conduct these examinations for others, just send me the gearbox.
          Regards Dom @ Shedworx