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Fuel line for priming on Rotax 852

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  • Fuel line for priming on Rotax 852


    One of the fuel lines going from the primer to the carburator on my Rotax 582 is showing cracking. Looking at the parts list it is part number 874-211. However, this does look like a very generic part and I should be able to replace it myself.

    Sorry about the n00b questions, but I try to know as much as possible so I understand my flexwing better.

    About sizing: No details about sizing or type of hose is given in the parts list, but I assume it has 1/8" or 3.2 mm ID, correct?
    About transparency: The fuel line is transparent which makes it easy to see the fuel flowing during priming. When searching online (and at the local car parts dealer) I seem to find only opaque (black) fuel line.
    About material: It should be resistant to fuel, of course. Can it be PVC tubing or silicone or ...

    Kind regards,

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    My favored fuel line is Urethane, although blue coloured it is easy to see your fuel through it. In common with all the transparent tube that I know of it is not fire resistant and requires good support as the walls are not as stiff as the heavy black stuff, however it does not harden or crack with age and contact with fuel as many others do. My 503 requires 1/4" bore and it is obtainable from Skydrive

    I hope that helps