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Wear on Bing 54 Carbs

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  • Wear on Bing 54 Carbs

    I had an embarrassing experience at the weekend, we went to a flyin and the engine refused to give enough power to take off for the return.

    OK, first thing check fuel levels in the bowls as we'd been parked in the broiling sun all day, all fuel levels present and correct so not a vapour lock. We were offered hangarage and lifts back to our airfield so returned better equipped the next day. I reckoned to problem to be with the carbs as it would start, sound clean up to 4500rpm and then stumble with on one occasion a puff of black smoke. So I took a pair of spare carbs that I'd serviced preveously fitted those and we flew back to base.

    I then stripped the pair that I'd removed and as expected I was able to detect wear to the needles. I was unsure about wear to the float valve but the was a variation to the vitron tip so I took that as wear also. I was suprised at the amount of wear to float bracket pins and the bracket itself. These combined with parking in the sun with temps. in excess of 30 degees had been our downfall.

    Another thing I found was on fitting new plugs the caps fitted so much better, my own fault for being a tight wad and fitting alloy topped plugs (wrist slapped).

    An afterthought was that I should have known about wear to the float bracket because in retrospect the rate of wear to the float pins had increased.

    Ah well, you live and learn