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    It'd not be difficult to alter it to the rather more standard layout of the cable passing through a pin wich is free to rotate. As someone who has owned a good number of older motorbikes I know that this works really well. Easy for the guys who have SSDRed their Q or XL but more involved for those who wish to retain their two seat abilities

  • Frank Dimmock
    Yes, dead easy and the same on the bikes I've had too (Francis Barnett Light Cruiser 79, TriBSA T100A/BSA frame, Honda CB450 "Black Bomber", Triumph T150V Trident). The design on the Quantum brake has a couple of flats that engage in a non-round hole deliberately to stop it rotating. Just as I did with the bikes, I enjoy improving the designs when I find something that's not right, but it's very different when it goes up in the air carrying not just one person!
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